Interview on Writer With a Day Job

Credit: Writers Digest

I’m pretty sure this past October has been the oddest month I’ve ever experienced, in a good way. I signed the lease on an apartment in New York City, met one of my favorite writers, Karen Russell, at a Center for Fiction event and asked her about MFA programs and for her autograph (she also wrote, “keep writing, yo!”), went to Vegas, and came back to a hurricane. No power or internet for a week–which I must say is a literary person’s haven, but not great for blogging. And it looks like the weirdness will continue this month too with the Nor’easter raging outside my window right now.

With all of the above going on, I’ve delayed a few posts I planned to put up in October and am just starting fresh this month.

I am honored to announce that Aine Greaney, author of Dancing Lessons, The Big House, and Writer With a Day Job, recently published an interview with me on her blog (check it out). In the interview, I discuss ways I’ve been trying to balance work and writing, and also why I care about having a day job in the first place, especially as a young writer.

Thank you, Aine, for your terrific work as a writer, and for helping me get my voice out there.


2 thoughts on “Interview on Writer With a Day Job

  1. Haha! Thank you Andrea! I actually realized that when the power and internet were out, I was less inclined to write or be productive/creative haha. Maybe the internet has turned out to be a good thing for productivity…=P


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