Spring Renewal

I love Spring. The afternoon thunderstorms, the slanted light, the budding colors–pink, purple, and yellow–the sense of renewal and creation.

Spring inspires my creativity. It always leaves me wanting to write more, read more, and organize my life more (key word “wanting”). Maybe that’s because the season involves creation all around me. But I think it’s a human thing–I think we all start to get inspired, motivated, and more creative, during the Spring. Spring cleaning? That’s all about inspiration and motivation.

It’s the season of renewal.

About a week ago, I took a few pictures of some budding flowers in my backyard. Eventually I want to get a DSLR camera, but for now I’ve been using a Canon I’ve had since high school. I think it did the job. Here are a few raw (un-photoshopped) Spring flower pictures.