Belated New Year

I haven’t had the time to blog this month. Except for today–the last day of January. And even now, I’m rushing through this post as I’m getting ready for bed, just trying to make sure I at least get something up in the month of January. It’s funny–being a writer and having a blog, I feel guilty if I don’t write (especially fiction) and I feel guilty if I don’t get at least one blog post up per month–and so the past few months, I’ve felt particularly guilty because I’ve hardly done either kind of writing.

This brings me to my New Year list. You could call it a list of resolutions, but I think most people are always resolving to better themselves in some way throughout the year. These are personal wishes for myself that I always have in mind, but the new year gives me a reason to revisit and recognize them:

1. I’ll try NOT to feel guilty and anxious for not writing. And I’ll prevent that feeling of guilt by either sitting down and writing for one hour per week at least (start small), submitting work to literary magazines, or by recognizing when I actually just don’t have the time–and be okay with that.

2. I won’t buy any more books until I’ve read all the books I already own, waiting in the bookcase or on my Kindle  (unless it’s an emergency–avid readers, you know what I’m talking about).

3. I’ll continue to get at least one blog post up per month.

4. I’ll share my thoughts on each book I read, even if it’s just for the sake of catharsis.

5. I’ll remember that we are all perfect in our imperfection. And that we are always moving toward our goals, however slowly. Life is never static.

I wanted this post to be a little more uplifting because I have seen some terrific New Years posts about following your dreams and all that, but I also just have to be real about my thoughts right now.

Readers, I’m actually more interested in hearing about your goals, especially if any pertain to reading, writing, or creativity, as I know we all need motivation in those areas. Anything you’d like to share?