The Liebster Blog Award

My last post was about having a day job along with all of my other interests and obligations I have as a writer, and as a human being, pulling me in all directions and leaving me with no time. One of my responsibilities is to post a few articles a month on my blog. And while I’ve done that (slightly), I have neglected to do a post about blog awards my blog was nominated for. So without ado-ing further, this post and my next one are going to be all about the two awards that I am so happy and thankful to have received.

On March 13 (so yes, quite a few months have gone by) Alyssa over at Mookology nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award! The Liebster Blog Award is given to “interesting, up-and-coming bloggers who are striving for success.”

Thank you so much Alyssa! It is an honor to accept this award!

The Liebster Blog Award has some rules: First, please thank the blogger who nominated you with a link back to his/her site. Second, paste the award on your blog. Third, please nominate other worthy bloggers for this accolade.

I would like to extend the Liebster Blog Award to:

  • Musings of a Writer ~ I’ve been friends with Jen since meeting her in our College Writing class during our first semester of freshman year at Marist. As the years have gone by, she never fails to inspire me by being her creative self. Her blog reflects this creativity with posts of her beautiful poetry and outstanding photography, as well as a sprinkling of reviews, writerly advice, and this great bit called “Awkward and Awesome Thursdays” that always leaves me laughing. Congratulations Jen!
  • Cresci Reviews ~ Mike is another friend of mine from the undergraduate days (wow, makes that sound like those days were so long ago–he won’t like that). As a creative writer and film enthusiast, Mike’s blog is devoted to film reviews–and the reviews are so honest and well written, that I love reading them, even about movies I haven’t seen yet. Cresci Reviews is timely, always updating with new critiques on films that have just come out in theaters–from blockbusters to indies–while also throwing in lists of older movies we may not have heard about. An entertaining blog by an entertaining guy. Congratulations Mike!
  • The Gift of Creation ~ I’m just so impressed with Belle. She’s not even finished with high school and already has an active, inspirational blog, where she chronicles her journey as a young writer/artist interested in speculative fiction and creating her own fictional world in the novel she is writing. Complete with posting up her plotlines, character profiles and sketches, she takes us through the writing process. I did not have that much dedication and discipline at her age, and so expect great things from her. Congratulations Belle!
  • There’s Only One Rule, Babies ~ Here’s another impressive young’n. Lion’s (I won’t reveal her real name because it goes with the theme of her blog) posts center around her experiences interning at a publishing house and a literary agency. Her reflections are helpful and witty, using hilarious codenames for people she writes about, such as “Boss” and “Dragon Lady,” as well as her own pseudonym–“The Good Lion.” A creative and clever blog that reveals what Lion learns from interning in the publishing industry, it certainly deserves this award. Congratulations Lion!

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